Dodger Rally 1992
Last HMC National Rally held at
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
October 1991
145 HMC's in attendance
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It all started when several HMC's came to ORA in Palm Springs for the winter. 
In October of 1986, there was just one coach, by March, there were 22 in the park.

One day, at the factory, Jerry Hawkins stated to Dick Winn that he would like to see
an HMC Club formed.  Thus an effort was made to organize a club. 
Upon returning to Palm Springs, the 22 owners there were
excited and thrilled about the idea. 

The party was held and people attending were all excited about the task of contacting
some 250 owners.  Bob Casement, who worked for the factory was a big help
as he started talking to all the people who came out to the plant,
and started calling suppliers to arrange for seminars.

It was suggested that we become a chapter of FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association)
for many reasons and FMCA has so much to offer.  Finally the rally date was set for
the annual RV show at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles
and the advance party staked out our spot. 

What a sight it was to see "long" rows of HMC's. 
The only question one had was how many BLUE'S and how many BROWN'S would attend?
(That's how the competition between the BLUES & BROWN'S got started). 

It's all history now, as 77 members join that weekend and we grew to over 200 members.
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1st HMC National Rally
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California - 1987
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HMC National Rally held at
Pomona Fairplex - Pomona, CA
October 1992
Jerry Hawkins

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Dick Winn & Don Mason
We are pleased to announce that the
HMC Club was "Spotlighted" in the
April 2011 FMCA Magazine
To read the article, please follow this link:

JERRY HAWKINS passed away on
June 17, 2011. 

Jerry was responsible for the HMC, Aerosport & Hawk motorhomes and left a legacy of quality built coaches that are still in demand.  Many wish they were still being made today and wonder how great they might have been by now. 

Please view our Memorial Tribute

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Family Motor Coach Association members now receive coverage under the group’s FMCAassist emergency medical evacuation/repatriation and travel assistance program as part of their regular annual dues.

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Motorhome Owners Group Offers its Members
an Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation and
Travel Assistance Program at no Additional Cost


Greetings Central Area Chapters,

   Here is some more information about the upcoming FMCA rally in Pomona.  You may or may not know but this event runs through Sunday with activities all day Sunday including seminars, vendor displays and motor coach displays and some form of entertainment Sunday evening.  Departure is scheduled for Monday morning although some may have to leave on Sunday due to other obligations.  I bring this up as I have heard some planning on leaving Sunday morning assuming the event is over.  This is especially important for those of you who plan to volunteer as your services may be needed on Sunday. 
As an example:  the trams have a full schedule on Sunday from morning until 9:30 that night thus volunteers will be needed to work those shifts.  Pleased ensure your members are aware of this.  Thanks.

Bob Golk

                    NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: Below is a note from one of our long time member                                     Barbara Tillman.  Barbara will be retiring from the HMC Club and is not doing well. 
Please remember her in your prayers. 

Dear Friends,

I regret  to report that I have to resign from the HMC Club and all clubs.  After the rally in Indio

I became very short of breath.  My primary doctor was very upset and said I needed to be  hospitalized right away .  Went to emergency, sat in very crowded waiting room for 5-hours. Finally put on a gurney for another
5-hours waiting for a bed. 

  I have never smoked even 1 cigarette in my life but now have COPD.  The hospital doctor told me I have the lungs of a heavy smoker and that the people I have loved (father, husband) have become my killers'.  I have not been around smokers for 30 years.

Thank goodness for my family who have all stepped up to the plate.  I have moved up my plans to move in with .Kim and Greg and am going to sell my house and my Roadtrek  Damn!!!

It has been my pleasure to know all of you for the last 25 years, 
enjoyed your company and support.  I shall miss you.

Sincerely,   Barbara